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Welcome to

Apex Computer Systems LLC

At Apex Computer Systems, we know that you want to do your part to protect your company and the community!

 Crime, Violence, Burglary, Assault, capture it all and record your findings to insure that the perpetrators are caught and prosecuted!

We make sure that we supply the correct equipment required for improving your surveillance system for your business or home.

We can build and install the right security camera system for your needs.

We offer free estimates after a walk through of your site to insure that the correct system design will be quoted that is necessary to handle your requirements. 




Security Camera's, most people do not understand what is involved with a security cameras system. There are three basic parts to a security camera system. 1) Cameras, 2) A recording device, and 3) Some way to monitor the system and playback the recordings. Since each system is built to your company's needs the actual equipment that would be installed will always be different. To help you understand we show some examples of some Security Camera Systems  below. Just because security is so important and can save you a lot in property, equipment loss, and damages, doesn't mean that you should pay a lot for the correct security camera system. 

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