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Welcome to

Apex Computer Systems LLC


At Apex Computer Systems, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with many different options for networking and computer systems.

 New hardware and software solutions are no different! 

We can build you any kind of computer system that you want all the way from the speed of the processor to the type and size of the case you want.

We offer free estimates on computers and will work with you to get the system that you want! 



We deal with all types of manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, ATI, NVIDIA, Western Digital, Seagate, and many more.  We will NOT use cheap, unreliable parts in our  systems, and we offer a full 1yr. on-site service to all of our customers who purchased new computers.  Plus, after the 1yr warranty if the computer needs to be serviced it  will be at a discounted price. Call for your free estimate today, you won't be disappointed!

      Please click here: To fill out an online service ticket or to send feedback.  

Design, Service, & Support

  1. Computers are now a part of the way we run and organize our lives, they are linked to our mail systems, order processing, our payroll, and bank accounts. Just to name a few.

  2. We tailor our IT Support to match you company's needs and provided detailed support for the equipment and software present in your company while also keeping abreast of the latest products and devises that are being released.

  3. All IT Support requests are documented so you can hone in on re-occurring problems with your personnel and equipment in order to minimize and eradicate problems with your computer systems and infrastructure.



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